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Short Bio

Based in Denton, Texas, and often traveling the country in his 91’ Winnebago, John Earle Mainord is a progressive country-folk, singer-songwriter in the vein of Guy Clark, John Prine, and Townes Van Zandt. His sound wanders through honky tonk, outlaw, and even some country blues, and is complimented by cosmic, witty and thought provoking lyricism.



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Full Bio

At the age of thirteen, John Earle Mainord began learning guitar, and by fifteen was forming punk/pop punk bands. From ages fifteen to 22, Mainord played in a handful of bands ranging from pop punk, to screamo and hardcore, in the North Texas punk/metal scene. Soon after the last of these bands had fallen apart, he stumbled upon Neil Young, and found a brand new sound. One that had been under his nose, his whole life, country music. Growing up in rural Northeast Texas, the sounds of country music, acoustic guitars, and fiddles, was inescapable. These sounds quickly turned from agitating, to inspiring, and soon became the soundtrack for reclaiming his personal roots, and identity. 

In 2010, Mainord bought an acoustic guitar, and began writing songs with a new perspective. The next ten years would be spent studying the vast web of subgenres within country, folk, and blues music. A relocation to Denton, Texas, in December of 2012, proved to be a crucial move in growth as a songwriter and as a performer. Meeting local songwriters and acts in the Denton folk scene, brought on shows, inspiration, and a support system. Also, at this time, Mainord and a few friends started a blues based rock n' roll band, earning new respects in the local DFW scene, but eventually disbanding within a couple of years.   

 These days Mainord is singin' for his supper, working stages and microphones as often as possible to both sharpen his skills and keep food on the table. From performing solo in coffee shops, dive bars, and generally any place he can book, to playing with his backing band Bird Dog Wild in DFW venues like Fred's Texas Cafe and MASS in Fort Worth, and Dan's Silverleaf in his current hometown of Denton, Tx. Mainord has remained dedicated to an honest, hard-working approach, and aims to connect with, and inspire his audience regardless of the venue size or demographic. He's worked to build and fine tune a unique, but familiar sound, on stages in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, and New Mexico; and continues to expand his reach. 

What is certain in John Earle Mainord, is a hunger to connect and to relate, as well as a sense of responsibility to carry on the tradition of quality Texas songwriting. With lyricism that's at times thoughtful and moving, and at others playful and witty, and a sound that blends honky tonk and outlaw country, with folk, blues, and even bluegrass, Mainord's music is a treat for any roots music fan. The positive energy and casual nature at his live shows make for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

In December of 2019, John Earle Mainord released a six song EP. Recorded with his live band, Bird Dog Wild, and rightfully named "Bird Dog Wild", this EP presents a large arrangement, americana/rock, take on Mainord's songwriting.