Based in Denton, TX & often on the move, John Earle Mainord is a progressive country-folk, singer songwriter in the vein of Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, John Prine, & Jerry Jeff Walker. 


With lyricism that wanders from thought provoking to playful & a sound that blends country, folk & blues in a fresh but familiar way, Mainord’s music is a go-to for any roots music fan. 


What does it sound like?

Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, etc

Covers of Classic, Outlaw, 90's, and Contemporary country music

What does it cost?

2 to 3 hours - $200

4 hours - $300

Covers only?

I typically play about half covers, half originals. If you require more


covers, or covers only, let me know and I'll be happy to accomodate 

Other Info

Solo performances only


$25 food/bev tab is greatly appreciated, but not required

Can provide PA for medium indoor/small outdoor events