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Born and raised in Northeast Texas, John Earle Mainord came from a town of 600. At the age of 13 he cleaned up around his step father's custom door and cabinet shop and saved $70 to buy an acoustic guitar from the Hastings in Greenville, Tx. Playing in bands throughout his teens, he found his footing as a live musician, performing around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 


Singing for his supper, working stages and microphones as often as possible to both sharpen his skills and keep food on the table, Mainord has remained dedicated to an honest, hard-working approach, and aims to connect with, and inspire his audience regardless of the venue size or demographic. He's worked to fine tune an enjoyable and familiar experience for country music fans, while on stages in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, and New Mexico, continuing to expand his reach. 


What is certain in John Earle Mainord, is a hunger to connect and relate to people, as well as a sense of responsibility to carry on the tradition of quality Texas songwriting. With thoughtful lyricism and old school rhythms, Mainord's music is a treat for any roots music fan. The positive energy and casual nature at his live shows make for a memorable and enjoyable experience, where all are welcome and good vibes are in no short supply.

Born and raised Texan, and currently based in Cashmere, Wa, John Earle Mainord is a progressive country-folk, singer songwriter in the vein of Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, John Prine, & Jerry Jeff Walker. 


With lyricism that wanders from thought provoking to playful & a sound that blends country, folk & blues in a fresh but familiar way, Mainord’s music is a go-to for any roots music fan. 

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